Classes & Course Description

Before And After-School Care (BASC)

The Before And After School Care (BASC) programme at Sunshine Kidz, plays a major role as creator of positive relationships, not just as a transmitter of knowledge. The BASC programme components will cover:

  • interaction between staff, children and parents
  • the academic part of the programme - supervised study, homework, library work (and tuition at the request of the parent)
  • aspects of civics, moral education and etiquette
  • nutrition, health and safety practices
The number of families using BASC service today, suggests that we are moving towards a 'partnership' model of care for children. The BASC service at Sunshine Kidz supports and complements parental care by providing the opportunity for the home and the centre to work together as a form of extended family.

* Fee (P1-P6) - $400 - lunch and tuition (Eng, Maths, Science, 2nd Lang)